Mathematics Events

April 11 - 17, 2021

Monday, April 12

Geometry, Topology and Categorification Seminar: Trisection invariants of 4-manifolds from Hopf algebras

Shawn Cui, Purdue University Abstract: The Kuperberg invariant is a topological invariant of closed 3-manifolds based on finite-dimensional Hopf algebras. ...

4/12 2:30pm
Virtual Event

Wednesday, April 14

Combinatorics Seminar: An algebra of Klyachko, and Macdonald's reduced word identity

Vasu Tewari, University of Hawaii Abstract: I will talk about a q-deformation of (a presentation of) an algebra due to Klyachko, using Macdonald's reduced...

4/14 2pm
Virtual Event

Friday, April 16

USC CS Theory Lunch: A tale of Turing Machines, Quantum Entangled Particles and Operator Algebras

USC Computer Science Department Henry Yuen (Columbia University) Abstract: In a recent result known as "MIP* = RE," ideas from three disparate fields of...

4/16 11:45am
Virtual Event
Analysis and PDE Seminar: Two dimensional gravity water waves at low regularity

Albert Ai, University of Wisconsin-Madison Abstract: In this talk, we will consider the low regularity well-posedness problem for the two dimensional...

4/16 2pm
Virtual Event
Probability and Statistics Seminar: Vector concentration inequalities

Ramon van Handel, Princeton University Abstract: How do classical concentration inequalities extend to functions taking values in normed spaces? Such...

4/16 3:30pm
Virtual Event