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Mathematical Finance Colloquium: Adaptive Robust Hedging Under Model Uncertainty

Tao Chen, University of California, Santa Barbara Abstract: We propose a new methodology, called adaptive robust control, for solving a discrete-time...

10/23 2pm
CAMS Distinguished Lecture: Modeling Bumble Bee Population Dynamics with Delay Differential Equations or  What’s the Buzz about Global Bumblebee Decline?

Reception: 3:00pm in KAP 410 Wine & Cheese: 4:30pm in KAP 410 H. Thomas Banks LeRoy B. Martin Jr. Distinguished Professor Distinguished University...

10/23 3:30pm
Geometry & Topology Seminar: String topology, character varieties and noncommutative periods

Nick Rozenblyum, University of Chicago

10/23 4:30pm
Working Group on Math Education: A Unifying Metaphor for Limits

Facilitator: Paul Tokorcheck, USC Abstract: Following last week's discussion of the Basic Metaphor of Infinity, we'll be exploring how this metaphor is...

10/23 4:30pm

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