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Mathematical Finance Colloquium: Optimal Fund Menus

Jaksa Cvitanic, Caltech Abstract: In our model, the heterogeneity of investors' beliefs creates a friction in delegated portfolio management. This...

2/26 2pm
Algebra Seminar: Hecke correspondences for general surfaces

Andrei Negut, MIT Abstract: This is a survey of an ongoing program that seeks to understand the algebra structure of certain operators on the K-theory/Chow...

2/26 3:30pm
CAMS Colloquium: Planetary Magnetohydrodynamics: The View from the Lab

Jonathan Aurnou, UCLA Abstract: Stars and planets are broadly capable of generating their own large-scale magnetic fields via magnetohydrodynamic (MHD)...

2/26 3:30pm
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Stratified topology and the yoga of orbital categories

Saul Glasman, University of Minnesota Abstract: In joint work with a number of collaborators, particularly C. Barwick, E. Dotto, D. Nardin and J. Shah, we...

2/26 4:30pm

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