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Mathematical Finance Colloquium: Integration by parts and Quasi-invariance of horizontal Wiener measure on foliated manifolds

Qi Feng, University of Connecticut Abstract: In this talk, I will present a new result on quasi-invariance of horizontal Wiener measure on totally geodesic...

4/23 2pm
Algebra and Seminar: The theory of resolvent degree, after Hamilton, Klein, Sylvester, Hilbert, and Brauer

Jesse Wolfson, UC Irvine Abstract: Resolvent degree is an invariant of a branched cover which quantifies how "hard" is it to specify a point in the cover...

4/23 3:30pm
CAMS Colloqium: Automated Salt Recognition in 2D Seismic and Mapping Basin-Wide Salt in the Gulf of Mexico

John Grace, Earth Sciences Associates Abstract: The most powerful and widely utilized tool for mapping subsurface geologic structure is reflection seismic...

4/23 3:30pm
LATop Joint Topology Seminar at UCLA: Distance one lens space fillings and band surgery

Allison Moore, UC Davis Abstract: Band surgery is an operation that transforms a link into a new link. When the operation is compatible with orientations on...

4/23 4pm

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