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Probability and Statistics Seminar: Local convexity of the TAP free energy and AMP convergence for Z2-synchronization

NOTE: There will be a projector screen in KAP 414 for those who would like to gather and watch the talk. Note the speaker will not be present in KAP...

10/22 3:30pm
Mathematical Finance Colloquium: Mean field analysis and scaling limits for neural networks: typical events and fluctuations

Konstantinos Spiliopoulos, Boston University Abstract: Machine learning, and in particular neural network models, have revolutionized fields such as image,...

10/25 2pm
Topology Seminar: The second term in knot Floer homology

Yi Ni, Caltech Abstract: It is well known that the genus g of a knot is the highest Alexander grading for which the knot Floer homology is nontrivial. In...

10/25 2:05pm
Algebra Seminar: Non-semisimple TQFTs and BPS q-series

Sergei Gukov, Caltech Abstract: We propose and in some cases prove a precise relation between 3-manifold invariants associated with quantum groups at roots...

10/25 3:30pm
CAMS Colloquium: A tale of two tails

Sung-Jin Oh, UC Berkeley Abstract: In this talk, I will introduce a general method for understanding the late-time tail for solutions to wave equations on...

10/25 3:30pm

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