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Mathematical Finance Colloquium: Sensitivity analysis of the long-term expected utility of optimal portfolios

Stephen Sturm, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Abstract: We study the sensitivity of the long-term expected utility of optimal portfolios. In ...

4/22 2pm
CAMS Colloquium: Long time dynamics in two dimensional water waves

Daniel Tataru, UC Berkeley Abstract: The water wave equations describe the motion of the free surface of a fluid (e.g. water) under the action of various...

4/22 3:30pm
Joint LA Topology Seminar at USC: Factorization homology: sigma-models as state-sum TQFTs

David Ayala, Montana State University Abstract: Roughly, factorization homology pairs an n-category and an n-manifold to produce a chain complex. ...

4/22 4:35pm
Joint LA Topology Seminar at USC: Counting square-tiled surfaces with prescribed real and imaginary foliations

Francisco Arana Herrera, Stanford University Abstract: Let X be a closed, connected, hyperbolic surface of genus 2. Is it more likely for a simple closed...

4/22 5:35pm
Charlotte's Web Research Talk: Algebraic Computations of Theta Constants

Türkü Özlüm Çelik, USC Abstract: A principally polarized abelian variety can be written as an intersection of quadrics in a projective space [David...

4/23 4pm

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