Marine Environmental Biology (MEB)

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Marine & Envir Bio Seminar--Dr.  Andrew Griffith (Manahan Lab postdoc)

The Study of Environmental Stress on Marine Organisms The broad goal of my research is to understand the effects of environmental stressors on ecologically...

1/15 12pm
Marine & Environmental Bio Seminar--Dr. Andrew Griffith (USC)

Dr. Griffith is a postdoc in Prof. Donal Manahan's Lab. His seminar title is Interactive effects of marine stressors on early life-stage marine shellfish...

1/15 12pm
Marine & Environmental Bio Seminar--Dr. Martin Tresguerres (UCSD)

Dr. Tresguerres's interests include the evolutionary relationships between basic cellular functions and complex “whole organism” physiology. His studies...

1/22 12pm
Marine & Environment Bio Seminar--Dr. Forest Rohwer (SDSU)

Dr. Forest Rohwer sees a coral reef as a finely-tuned community in which the microbes and viruses are major players. Recognizing their importance, he...

1/29 12pm

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