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President Trump's First Congressional Address

Join us as we have a panel discussion of experts and a viewing of President Trump's first Congressional address. Featuring: -Bob Shrum, Director, Jesse M....

2/28 5:30pm
Trump and the Press

Join our conversation as we examine Trump's relationship with the press during his first 100 Days. Featuring: -Kurtis Lee, Los Angeles Times -Joel Pollack,...

3/7 6pm
CA vs the USA: How CA is Mobilizing to Protect its Climate Agenda

Join our conversation on California's climate change agenda and how it differs from the climate agenda of the Trump administration. Featuring: -Steven...

3/28 6pm
Equal Rights in the Trump Administration

Join our conversation on equal rights, as we examine how and why they will be affected during the Trump admininstration. Featuring: - Ehsan Zaffar, Senior...

4/4 6pm
Trump's 100 Days

Join our conversation as we recap Trump's First 100 Days, looking at the promises President-elect Trump made and the outcomes. Featuring a student panel...

4/11 6pm

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