Fraternity & Sorority Leadership Development

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The mission of Fraternity & Sorority Leadership Development is to cultivate and advance a fraternity and sorority community of excellence by supporting, educating, and engaging students to thrive in their pursuit of belonging and purpose.

Fraternities and sororities have been an integral part of the Trojan Family since about 1889. Membership in Fraternities & Sororities at USC cultivates a community that supports, educates, and engages members to thrive in their pursuit of belonging and purpose. The Trojan Fraternity & Sorority community is committed to creating inclusive brotherhoods and sisterhoods. Through founding principles of well-being, community, academics, service, and leadership the Trojan Fraternity and Sorority Community stands to celebrate your individuality, passions and voice while welcoming you to a brotherhood or sisterhood that shares your goals and values. The Trojan Fraternity & Sorority community values members who will impact the community by challenging others, encouraging important dialog, and have a willingness to learn and grow. Fraternities and Sororities are directly impacted by the voices and strengths of their members, and value the safety, wellbeing, leadership and learning within the membership experience

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