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Dornsife Dialogues - 2022 Midterms: Who Will Control Congress?

Pollsters anticipate November’s midterm election will be especially favorable for the Republican party. But are the prospects for Democratic candidates as...

10/11 12pm
Unpacking the 2022 Midterms: Red Tide or Blue Wave?

The fall midterms were expected to be a landslide for Republicans and the most difficult midterm in nearly 50 years for Democrats. But will the overturning...

10/27 6pm
Dornsife Dialogues - Witches: Beyond Myths and Magic

At times revered and at other times persecuted, witches and the phenomenon of witchcraft span global cultures and centuries of history, remaining popular...

10/31 12pm
USC Dornsife Homecoming Picnic 2022

You are invited back to campus for USC Dornsife’s first-ever Homecoming Picnic on Saturday, November 5, shortly before the Trojans take on the Cal Bears at...


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