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Anton B. Burg Memorial Lecture - Rare Earth Zintl Phases and Thermoelectrics

Professor Susan M. Kauzlarich, Department of Chemistry, University of California Davis Flyer Link:...

10/22 4pm
Dancing at Intersections: A Dynamical Perspective of Nonadiabatic Effects

Physical-Theoretical Chemistry Seminar Professor Hua Guo, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, University of New Mexico Dr. Hua Guo's research...

10/25 12pm
Solution-phase routes to inorganic solid-state materials

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar Professor Alina Schimpf, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California San Diego The Schimpf lab aims to...

10/26 12:30pm
Synthetic and Biological Studies Of GPIs And GPI-Anchored Proteins

Chemical Biology Seminar Professor Zhongwu Guo, Department of Chemistry, University of Florida Professor Zhongwu Guo is a University of Florida chemical...

10/28 12:30pm
Chemical Tools for Selective Detection of Monomethyl Lysine PTMs

Chemical Biology Seminar Professor Monika Raj, Department of Chemistry, Emory University Dr. Raj's group develops new chemical reactions, catalysis and...

11/4 12:30pm

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