Center for the Premodern World

Center for the Premodern World

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The Center for the Premodern World at USC creates space and offers resources for the study of cultures and civilizations, beginning with the earliest historical eras up to the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the modern world. The Center aims to have a truly global reach in terms of areas of research and as such has the potential to involve over forty faculty on campus in its activities.

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Quackeries born of heathen and hellish folly: Translating polemic across the Mediterranean

Guest speaker: Sergio La Porta Fresno State University The almost certainly apocryphal exchange of letters between the Byzantine Emperor Leo III (r....

10/25 2pm
Why the Roman Imperial Accession Speech?

The accession speeches of new Roman emperors constituted a species of oratory that was commonplace in imperial transition and the polity’s rhythms of...

11/15 1pm

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