Center for Latin American and Latinx Studies

Center for Latin American and Latinx Studies

We are happy to announce the new Latinx and Latin American Studies Center at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. The new center will bring faculty, students, and community partners together to engage in interdisciplinary research and public-facing scholarship that focuses on Latinx communities within the United States and in Latin America. Together, we will work to celebrate the diversity of Latinx and Latin American communities while engaging in scholarship that addresses important social and economic issues. Our hemispheric approach will necessitate a mode of research that crosses as many borders – cultural, political, and disciplinary – as do the people of the Americas.

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Corredores de Justicia: A New Approach to Labor Migration in Central America and Beyond

A collaboration between the USC Center for Latinx and Latin American Studies, directed by Juan De Lara, and the USC Equity Research Institute, directed by...

10/19 12pm
Abstract Barrios

Learn about how Latinx barrio design has long been replicated and used to safely "Latinize" white urban landscapes. Dr. Johana Londoño will be in...

11/1 12pm
Cartographies of Youth Resistance

Join us in a chat with Dr. Maurice Rafael Magaña about his new book on the subcultures and organizing practices of urban and migrant youth in...

11/12 3pm

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