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Confronting the Second Space Age: From Cosmic Speculation to Astro-Capitalism Working Group

This working group will explore the challenges and pressing concerns that the resurgent interest in space exploration, extraterrestrial mining, and...

9/30 2pm
CV and Grant Writing Workshop

A workshop designed to help graduate students across diverse disciplines prepare successful applications for fellowships and positions. In the morning,...

10/1 10am
Levan Institute for the Humanities How To—How to Write a Book for General Readers with Author Mark Braude

Levan Institute for the Humanities, How To Series How to Write a Book for General Readers with Author Mark Braude This is a hybrid event. The in-person...

10/3 12pm
Image: William Bouguereau, The Flagellation of Notre Seigneur Jesus Christ, 1880.

J. LORAND MATORY Lawrence Richardson Distinguished Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Duke University The Enlightenment’s promises of freedom, equality...

10/3 12:30pm
An image of Karina Longworth framed in an old fashioned stage light. The details of the event and logos of the event sponsors surround her.

Join Consortium for Gender, Sexuality, Race, and Public Culture director Karen Tongson for a conversation with Karina Longworth, a writer, film historian and...

10/3 2pm

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