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Our primary goal in this center is to share our ideas about how AI can be used to tackle the most difficult societal problems. We believe that this agenda can best be tackled by a genuine partnership between AI and social work.

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USC CAIS seminar: Hashtag HIV?: Using Digital Epidemiology to advance HIV prevention among youth

Abstract: Racial and ethnic disparities in HIV remain a public health priority in the U.S. In this talk, Dr. Stevens will discuss her research ...

2/21 4pm
USC CAIS seminar: Mining Social Media to Improve Public Health

Abstract: People posting to social media on smartphones can be viewed as an organic sensor network for public health data, picking up information about the...

2/28 4pm
USC CAIS Seminar: Social Networking Site Data Mining to Understand Substance Use and HIV Risk Among Gay, Bisexual and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men

Abstract: Dr. Holloway’s presentation will outline the development of a culturally congruent data collection and mining module (DCMM) to study the social...

3/21 4pm
USC CAIS seminar: Building Knowledge Graphs for Social Good

Abstract: Illicit activities like human trafficking and narcotics have a significant Web footprint. In this talk, I will introduce and talk about building...

3/28 4pm
USC CAIS Seminar: A Cognitive Architectural Perspective on the Past, Present and Future of AI

Abstract: In this talk Dr. Rosenbloom will briefly introduce and explore the notion of a cognitive architecture, as a hypothesis about the fixed structures...

4/4 4pm

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