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Best known for its pioneering role in visual anthropology, USC's Anthropology Department has strong research programs in all four fields of the discipline (i.e., Archaeology, Socio-cultural Anthropology, Linguistics, and Physical Anthropology). 

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Free Lunch Talk Series: Anthropology in the Anthropocene: A Posthuman’s Progress

Join Professor Tok Thompson for a discussion of posthumanism, and its increasing relevance for anthropologists working in the Anthropocene. Although...

1/29 12pm
RAI@USC 2020

RAI@USC 2020: The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (RAI) celebrates ethnographic, anthropological and archaeological filmmaking...

RAI@USC 2020: Golden Wing, Silver Wings: Filmic Representations of the Autobiographical Ethnography of Lin Yueh-Hwa

For students of Chinese society and culture, Lin Yueh-hwa’s autobiographical ethnography of his native village entitled The Golden Wing: A Sociological Study...

3/5 9am
RAI@USC 2020: LGBTQ+ The Rainbow Reel (Shorts Program)

LGBTQ+ The Rainbow Reel showcases films about the lives and social and political challenges of LGBTQ people in countries around the world. USC Kinetic, a...

3/5 11am
RAI@USC 2020: Knots & Holes: An Essay Film on the Life of Nets

Knots & Holes: An Essay Film on the Life of Nets (74 min, 2018) Directed by Mattijs Van de Port Country of production: Netherlands A singular...

3/5 12:30pm

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