Wednesday, December 12

From the Battle in France to the Liberation of Germany: Letters and Artifacts from the Harry K. Wolff Jr. Collection

Among the hundreds of thousands of US soldiers called to duty during WWII was a thirty-year-old Jewish lawyer from San Francisco named Harry K. Wolff Jr. His...

Maya Women and the Textile Tradition: Agency and Livelihood

The indigenous Maya people, who inhabit the area of Southern Mexico and northern Central America, have a distinguished, centuries-long tradition of creating...

Feel Better Workshops

Offered by Counseling and Mental Health Services, student can drop into these Feel Better Workshops and get support on various topics: 12/5 - topic is...

Let's Talk!

Offered by Counseling and Mental Health Services, students can drop in and speak to a counselor for a brief session during this time period in STU 422.

Wednesday, December 12