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USC Stem Cell Seminar: Nils Lindstrom, USC—"Patterning the kidney: Development, disease, and opportunities to replicate cellular programs in vitro"

Live webcast at How cell diversity arises from progenitors and stem cells is an important scientific question across...

5/28 11am
USC Stem Cell Student/Postdoc Seminar

Charles Bramlett (Rong Lu Lab) Guochang Lyu (Wange Lu Lab)

5/31 12pm
USC Stem Cell Student/Postdoc Seminar

Shuwan Liu (Mariani Lab) Hung-Jhen (Olivia) Chen (Crump Lab)

6/14 12pm
USC Stem Cell Student/Postdoc Seminar

Jennifer Rubio (Segil Lab) Pengfei Xu (Crump Lab)

6/21 12pm
France-USA Stem Cell Symposium

In 2019, the International Society for Stem Cell Research meeting will be held in Los Angeles on June 26-29. Seizing this opportunity, the Scientific Office...


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