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Neurobiology Seminar: Linda Buck

Click here for more information on Dr. Linda Buck. Linda Buck’s laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms and neural circuits that underlie the sense...

2/26 12pm
Neurobiology Seminar: Takaki Komiyama, Ph.D.

Click here for more information on Dr. Takaki Komiyama. Research Animals constantly modify their behavior through experience. Flexible behavior is key...

3/5 12pm
Neuroscience Graduate Program's Distinguished Speaker Series: David Amaral

Beneto Foundation Chair and Director of Research, MIND Institute; University of California Davis Distinguished Professor, Department of Psychiatry and...

3/19 4pm
Neurobiology Seminar: Eliane Hsiao

Click here for more information on Dr. Elaine Hsiao. Minding Our Microbes Our bodies are comprised of around ten times more microbial cells than human...

3/26 12pm
Dornsife Career Pathways: Major 2 Career Neuroscience Panel

Major 2 Career are career panels that bring together Alumni & Professionals with the same undergraduate major, but with different career tracks to discuss...

3/29 5:30pm

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