Linda and Harlan Martens Economic History Forum

Friday, March 24, 2017 at 10:00am to 5:00pm

Doheny Memorial Library (DML), Intellectual Commons DML 233
3550 Trousdale Parkway, Los Angeles, CA 90089

"The First Modern Economy: Golden Age Holland and the Work of Jan de Vries"

Forum Organizer:  Jacob Soll, University of Southern California

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10:00am - Coffee

10:15am - Jacob Soll, University of Southern California
Welcome and opening remarks

10:30am - Maarten Prak, Utrecht University, Netherlands
"The Artisan Revolution and the Industrious Revolution, or, How the Quality of Labour Started to Improve in the Middle Ages"

11:30am - Jane Humphries, Oxford University
"More Work on 'Industriousness'"

12:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm - Trevor Jackson, University of California, Berkeley
"Neither Malthus nor Keynes: The Modernity of Dutch Decline"

2:30pm - Philip T. Hoffman, Caltech
"Local Credit and the Industrious Revolution"

3:30pm - Jan de Vries, University of California, Berkeley
"My search for useful organizing concepts in historical studies: transitions, revolutions, crises, and divergences"

4:30pm - Margaret Jacob, University of California, Los Angeles
Comment and general discussion



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