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We are a collaborative and multi-disciplinary effort working to translate the potential of stem cell research to the imperative of regenerative medicine.

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USC Stem Cell Seminar: April Pyle, UCLA—"Defining the origins and function of human pluripotent stem cell derived skeletal muscle stem cells using in vivo human myogenesis"

Skeletal muscle progenitor cells (SMPCs) and satellite cells (SCs) participate in muscle growth and regeneration in fetal development and in adult,...

10/24 11am
USC Stem Cell Student/Postdoc Seminar

Uma Meenakshi from Ruchi Bajpai's Lab Stefano Da Sacco from Laura Perin's Lab

10/27 12pm
USC Stem Cell Seminar: Marianne Bronner, Caltech—"Gene regulatory control of neural crest development"

The neural crest is a multipotent stem cell population that contributes to a wide variety of derivatives, including craniofacial cartilage, the peripheral...

10/31 11am
USC Stem Cell Student/Postdoc Seminar

Sebastian Shaoyu Lin from Justin Ichida's Lab Olan Jackson-Weaver from Jian Xu's Lab

11/3 12pm

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