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Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people and communities, here and abroad. We promote innovative solutions to the critical issues of today.

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Death in City: Planning Implications for Challenging the American Way of Death

DUPSA Seminar Series, presented by Professor David Sloane. David Sloane, Ph.D., teaches courses in urban planning, policy, history, and community health...

3/20 12pm
PIPE* Workshop: Janna Rezaee, USC

"Revolving Doors" co-authored by Ryan Hubert, UC Berkeley Janna Rezaee's research focuses on the "revolving door" between government and the private sector...

3/20 12pm
Neighborhood Data for Social Change 2018 Community Training Schedule  

We are pleased to announce the 2018 schedule of community training workshops for the Neighborhood Data for Social Change platform. Participants will learn to...

3/21 12pm
The Holt Lecture:  The Holt Lecture: Empowering Women in the Workplace with Gretchen Carlson

The Holt Lecture featuring Gretchen Carlson Empowering Women in the Workplace The 2018 Holt Lecture will feature a conversation with Gretchen Carlson,...

3/21 12pm
Urban Growth Seminar: New Evidence of Housing Shortage and Dislodgement in Los Angeles

Speakers: Dowell Myers, Professor- University of Southern California JungHo Park, Ph.D. Candidate- University of Southern California The crisis of housing...

3/22 12:15pm

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