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OIS is a resource center that serves the needs of international students and visiting scholars at USC.

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Why Don't they Understand Me? Pronunciation in a U.S. Business Setting

While English is the lingua-franca in U.S. business settings, the variety of English accents can cause communication breakdowns. This workshop focuses on...

9/26 4pm
USC Women's Soccer with OIS

Hey fellow Trojans! Come help us cheer on the USC Women's Soccer team as we play Oregon State on September 28th! We will meet outside OIS at 2:45pm and walk...

9/28 2:45pm
OIS International Coffee Hour

Take a break between classes and join us for a free cup of fresh coffee and snacks! Meet new friends and say hello to others!

10/4 3pm
Telling Your Professional Story: Crafting a Short Biographical Statement for Social Media and Business Audiences

Writing a strong, clear professional/personal profile is more difficult than it appears, and there are many ways you can do it. These short narratives appear...

10/4 3:30pm
Crafting an Elevator Pitch that will Leave a Lasting Impression

It can be tough to feel comfortable promoting yourself to others, but in the U.S. job market, it is a necessity. In this workshop with American Language...

10/12 4pm

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