Mathematics Events

March 19 - 25, 2017

Monday, March 20

Charlotte's Webb: A light Introduction to Opera

Light refreshments served at 11:00 am in KAP 410 Edward Lieb Intro to Opera: In my talk I’ll answer some questions people often ask about opera, such as: ...

CAMS Colloquium: Effective dynamics of nonlinear Schroedinger equations on large domains

Zaher Hani, Georgia Tech Abstract: In this talk, we will be mainly concerned with the following question: Suppose we consider a nonlinear dispersive or wave...

Geometry & Topology Seminar: Higher Laminations and Affine Buildings

Ian Le, Perimeter Institute Abstract: Higher Teichmüller spaces are a component of the character variety for a topological surface S and groups like...

Tuesday, March 21

Wednesday, March 22

Thursday, March 23

Friday, March 24

Analysis and PDE Seminar: Density constraints and congestion effects in advection-diffusion equations

Alpar Richard Meszaros, UCLA Abstract: In this talk I will present how the theory of optimal transport can be used to study some PDE systems (not...