Mathematics Events

January 14 - 20, 2018

Tuesday, January 16

Algebra Seminar: A Kazhdan-Lusztig algorithm for Whittaker modules

Anna Romanov, University of Utah Abstract: The category of Whittaker modules for a complex semisimple Lie algebra generalizes the category of highest weight...

Wednesday, January 17

Center for Applied Mathematical Sciences Distinguished Lecturer, Spring 2018 Joint with the Mathematics Department Colloquium

Marcelo Viana Director, Instituto Nacional de Mathematica Pure e Aplicada "Random products of matrices" Abstract: By an old theorem of H. Furstenberg and...

Thursday, January 18

Friday, January 19

Probability and Statistics Seminar: Large Graph Limits of Learning Algorithms

Andrew Stuart, Caltech Abstract: Many problems in machine learning require the classification of high dimensional data. One methodology to approach such...