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USC Math Festival

See the fascinating world of mathematics in play at this event sponsored by USC Mathematics Department. There will be several stations for various areas of...

4/25 11am
Combinatorics Seminar: From Klyachko models to involution words

Eric Marberg, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Abstract: A model for a finite group is a set of characters, each obtained by inducing a linear...

4/25 2pm
Mathematics Colloquium: Automorphic forms as rational points

Farrell Brumley, Université Paris 13 Abstract: In what sense can automorphic forms or Galois representations be viewed as rational points on an algebraic...

4/25 3:30pm
FRG: Categorification Seminar: Categorification of Verma modules: sl(2)

Pedro Vaz, UC Louvain Abstract: In this talk I will explain how to categorify Verma modules for quantum sl(2) generalizing the categorification, due to ...

4/26 2:15pm

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