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Mathematical Finance Colloquium: Sensitivity Analysis of the Utility Maximization Problem with Respect to Model Perturbations

Mihai Sirbu, University of Texas, Austin Abstract: We study the dependence on a parameter for a class of non-Markovian stochastic control problems...

1/22 2pm
Special Colloquium

Roger Casals, MIT

1/22 3:30pm
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Circle Packings on Surfaces with Complex Projective Structures

Ellie Dannenberg, Pomona College Abstract: The classical circle packing theorem of Koebe, Andreev, and Thurston says that given a triangulation $\tau$ of a...

1/22 4:30pm
Mathematics Colloquium: Twenty-four dimensional cannonballs and magic functions

Abhinav Kumar, Stony Brook University Abstract: How can we pack oranges in a crate most efficiently? This classical question, or its idealized version - how...

1/24 3:30pm

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