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Algebra Seminar: On the edge map in the Hochschild-Serre spectral sequence

Humberto Diaz, UC Riverside Abstract: Using some classical techniques of Deligne, we prove a partial degeneration result for the Hochschild-Serre spectral...

11/20 3:30pm
Dynamical Systems Seminar: The Hadamard Perron Theorem

Debtanu Sen, USC Abstract: The Hadamard Perron Theorem is a result of central importance in the study of dynamical systems. It allows us to explain the...

11/20 3:30pm
Joint LA Topology Seminar at USC:  The simplification of singularities of Lagrangian and Legendrian fronts

Daniel Álvarez-Gavela, Stanford University Abstract: The envelope of light rays reflected or refracted by a curved surface is called a caustic and...

11/20 3:45pm
Joint LA Topology Seminar at USC: A sheaf-theoretic model for SL(2,C) Floer homology

Ciprian Manolescu, UCLA Abstract: I will explain the construction of a new homology theory for three-manifolds, defined using perverse sheaves on the...

11/20 5pm

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