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Department of Chemistry

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Mechanical Control of Cytotoxic T Cell Function

Chemical Biology Professor Morgan Huse; Department of Chemistry; MSKK

3/22 12:30pm
Surface Science on the Nanoscale and Optical Analogs of 2D-NMR

Physical-Theoretical Professor Patanjali Kambhampati; Department of Chemistry; McGill University, Montreal, Canada

3/26 12pm
Advances in Nanoscale Metal Phosphide and Carbide Catalysts for Renewable Fuels and Chemicals

Inorganic Dr. Susan Habas; National Bioenergy Center; National Renewable Enegy Center, Colorado, U.S.

3/27 12:30pm
Understanding spectral signatures of large amplitude vibrations and hydrogen-bonding through studies of the vibrational spectroscopy of solvated ion complexes

Physical Theoretical Professor Anne McCoy; Department of Chemistry; University of Washington

4/2 12pm
Controlling Nanocrystal Properties using Surface Chemistry

Inorganic Seminar Professor Emily McLaurin, Department of Chemistry, Kansas State University

4/3 12:30pm

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