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Tracking the Nanoscale Dynamics of Ultrafast Electronic Energy Flow and Non-equilibrium Phase Transitions in Energy Materials

Department of Chemistry Physical-Theoretical Seminar Professor Naomi Ginsburg, Department of Chemistry University of California Berkeley

10/23 12pm
Design and Reactivity of Metal-organic Frameworks Assembled from Diphosphine Pincer Complexes

Inorganic Professor Casey Wade, Department of Chemistry, Brandeis University

10/24 12:30pm
American Chemical Society President Dr. Allison Campbell Seminar

Dr. Allison A. Campbell is a chemist who is well known for her research in the areas of biomineralization, biomimetics as well as biomaterials for her...

10/26 12:30pm
Accurate (and Inaccurate) Energetic and Spectroscopic Properties Across the Periodic Table

Department of Chemistry Departmental Colloquia Professor Angela Wilson, Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University

10/27 4pm
Pushing the Spatio-temporal Limits of Scanned Probe Microscopy

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Physical-Theoretical Seminar Professor John Marohn, Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Cornell...

10/30 12pm

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